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Water Filters - How To Filter Water

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How to filter water : the first step, when deciding the best water filters to buy is to learn a little about the water that you want to filter... A lot will depend on these 4 factors

  • what is the waters source ?
  • where is it stored ?
  • what is the end use ?
  • does your water contain sediment ?

If you want to try a very simple but effective test for sediment... simply fill a glass with the water you are using and hold it up to let light pass through the water - if the water is cloudy or has a brown tint you have a sediment problem -

With most natural water supplies (tank water, stream water, bore water etc...) you will need a 2 or 3 stage filter system, the 2 stage system is outlined below, a 3 stage system (3 filter housings) if you are using stream water where the quality fluctuates during heavy rain or long dry spells you should look at installing the 3 housing system with a secound sediment cartridge to capture the finer sediment (5 micron sediment +20 micron sediment +1 micron carbon block) or if you are using 10" standard or 10" Jumbo filter housing you could opt for a 10" ceramic cartridge (0.09) to remove bacteria, cysts and very fine sediment...

Ceramic cartridges can be cleaned several times which increases their working life and lowers replacement costs, see our ceramic cartridge listing for details

If you using untreated water for your day to day needs and you doubt its quality (smells bad, is cloudy or tastes odd) you should have it professionally tested to confirm it is safe to drink, many untreated water supplies can be OK for general use ? But may not be safe for drinking or even brushing your teeth, so if in doubt have the water tested, as well, consider fitting a water filter system as outlined below.

To treat natural water such as Tank water, Stream or Bore Water you would need to fit at least a 2 stage filter system - Sediment Cartridge + Carbon Block a 10" Jumbo is the ideal size to filter a whole house... this will remove sediment, the carbon cartridge will remove some cysts like Giardia and bad tastes...

As well you could add to this system a Benchtop Water Filter or undersink filter (10" Standard) fitted with a Ceramic Cartridge to further treat your cooking and drinking water that you draw from the kitchen faucet.

This will give you an effective Whole House Filter System that is easy to fit and maintain and is suitable for water supplies that you feel are safe to drink. If you have a reason to doubt your water supplies safety (ie. you have had it professionally tested) then you may need to add a UV system, as well as the filters outlined above.

There are several types of water filters available with many variations of filter cartridges to suit a wide range of water types... to the point it can become quite confusing ?

If You Need Advice When Choosing Your Water Filter System - Feel Free To Phone Us.

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